Brad Hubal
Guitar Instructor

Play the Guitar with Quality Music Instruction from Brad Hubal

Brad has been playing on the Chicago Jazz and music scene since 1975.

He began playing guitar at age 11, and added piano, electric bass, and chromatic harmonica in his teen years.

Brad has played regularly at such clubs as The Piano Man, The Green Mill, Gold Star, Sardine Bar, Pete Millers in Evanston & Wheeling, Pops for Champagne, Jazz Bulls, Shane’s, Kingston Mines, Buddy Guys Legends, The Jazz Showcase to name a few.

From 1984 to 2004 he could be seen on The Jack Hubble Jazz Show, which was an award winning cable TV show playing guitar, piano and chromatic harmonica.

Brad Hubal has been a music educator for the last 3 decades teaching guitar, piano, chromatic harmonica, electric bass and music theory.

Brad Hubal studied guitar with George Allen, Frank Dawson and Phil Cass in private guitar lessons. He also took advantage of rare opportunities to study with jazz greats John Abercrombie, Mike Stern, Russell Malone and Pat Martino.

He studied piano and jazz theory with his father Jack Hubal who was a local fixture on the Chicago jazz music scene since the 1950’s. He doesn’t mind saying he was a great teacher and a great musician who taught many musicians currently active on the music scene today such as Steve Hashimoto, Pat Fleming, Bob Fahlstrom etc.

Brad Hubal’s objective is to keep playing music and educating musicians young and old, beginners, intermediate to professionals and of course to keep learning as much as he can, which is a never ending endeavor.