Jonathan Toni


Jonathon Toni has proven himself as a growing pianist and vocalist in the Chicago area. A pupil of the teachings of Eastern European and Russian traditions of pianism, Jonathon has slowly been capturing the hearts of many people and an inspiration to those who are just starting their studies and careers in music.

Jonathon’s studies in music began at the age of 13 at the renowned Arlington School of Music under the guidance of Scott Hendricks. At that time, Jonathon knew that his future studies and career in music was to be made.

During high school, Jonathon continued his education in music at the Metropolis School of Performing. While at Metropolis, Jonathon studied piano, voice/opera, and music theater. He was chosen on numerous occasions to perform at the annual Teacher’s Pick Recital and for solo recitals. He also served as principal pianist of the Chamber Ensemble. His primary teachers were Sevgi Giles, Alif Allenfort, Bryan Shilander, Sarah McIntyre, and William Rush.

Jonathon continued his studies in piano and voice throughout his undergraduate years. He was chosen distinctively to participate in the masterclasses of internationally acclaimed pianists Matthew Hagle and Yoheved Kaplinsky and for the Metropolitan Opera House’s lead soprano, Nicole Cabell. He was a participant in the 1st and 2nd Annual Chicago Piano Festival, tenor section leader of the NEIU Chamber Singers, principal harpsichordist of the NEIU String Orchestra under the direction of internationally acclaimed conductor Brian Groner, served as guest pianist for gala ceremonies sponsored by the Angelina Pedroso Center of Cultural Affairs, had lead roles in many opera productions at NEIU, and was the protégé of distinguished pianist and pedagogist, Dr. Elise Mach. Mr. Toni is known for having high interpretations and sensitivity of works from the Baroque Era to the early 20th Century.

Jonathon was active as a cantor, choralist, volunteer associate music director, principal accompanist, and tenor section leader for St. James Catholic Church, Our Lady of the Wayside, St. Edna’s Catholic Church, Queen of All Saints Basilica, St. Cornelius Catholic Church, and St. Robert Bellermine Catholic Church.

In the spring of 2015, Mr. Toni was invited by Steinway & Son’s Gallery in Northbrook, IL to have the opportunity to give a short recital performance on the legendary Steinway & Son’s Concert D-305, which was once the personal piano of 20th Century’s greatest and acclaimed Russian pianist, Vladimir Horowitz.

Jonathon holds a Bachelor’s of Music, with distinct honors, in Piano Performance with emphasis in Vocal Studies from Northeastern Illinois University. His teachers were Susan Tang, Kay Kim, Janice Razaq, Olga Bornovalova, Thomas Stauch, and Kathy Cowan.

Mr. Toni is currently the Director of Music at Our Lady, Mother of the Church in Chicago, a member of the prestigious Six Piano Ensemble under the direction of Glenna Sprague, an active performer, a MTNA member, and currently studying piano with internationally acclaimed pianist and graduate of the prestigious Gnessin State Musical College for gifted musicians, Dr. Svetlana Krasnova.

Jonathon was acquired recently as an instructor at the prestigious Arlington School of Music in Arlington Heights, IL. Jonathon is honored to work at the renowned Arlington School of Music for not only about the school’s renowned reputation of excellence in music education but also a place where he is passionate about making sure his students get the best teachings in technique, interpretation, artistry, theory, and performance skills.

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