Los Flamencos Gypsy Ballet

Los Flamencos Gypsy Ballet”. We are a professional dance company that provides traditional Spanish cultural performances for students of all ages. We premiere the Mexican Folklorico Ballet of Chicago, featuring dances and music of Mexico and South America.

Our 30 to 60 minute programs for students, focused on Flamenco, one of Spain’s better known dance forms. This educational program introduces students to the language of Flamenco. Children gain an appreciation for the communication involved in the “Flamenco Team”: Guitarist, Singer, Dancer, and Palmero (rhythmic hand clapping).

Each dance engages children visually with colorful costumes and rhythmic music. Members of Los Flamencos Gypsy Ballet provide brief explanations of each dance. This program is a wonderful supplement to students learning about Spain and Spanish Culture. In addition, an interactive component allows students to participate. It is a memorable program for faculty and students to enjoy and appreciate.

Nico Angel, Director, has performed with Spanish Cultural Music and Dance Theaters through Urban Gateways for years as Lead Guitarist for the Pascual Olivera Spanish Dance Company.

For more information, please feel free to contact Nico Angel directly at (847)830-0471 / 847-253-5050 or at arlingtonschoolofmusic.com or nicoangel@comcast.net.

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