Tom Corrao
Drums & Percussion

Get Music Instruction for Drum Set & Percussion with Experienced Drummer Tom Corrao

Tom has over 20 years of experience as a professional drummer and teacher. He studied at the Stanger School of Music under the direction of Phillip Stanger and with James Staimason at the Gianinni Music Arts School. In addition to his instruction at The Arlington School of Music®, Tom also teaches throughout the northwest suburbs as well at his own studio in Elgin, IL.

Tom teaches all age levels, from beginning to advanced, as well as students with physical and learning disabilities. Many of Tom’s students are in their elementary, middle, or high school band. His lessons cover all styles of music, including jazz, rock, pop, funk, Latin, rhythm, and blues. He covers note-reading, rudiments, history, theory, posture, technique, syncopation, composition, and improvisation in his instructions and works hard to prepare all students, including both soloists and groups, for auditions, recitals, and live performances. Tom offers each student an individualized lesson plan, curriculum, and the best musical experience based on their own special interests.

Tom has extensive experience in regular performances both locally and on national tours, as well as with playing contracts with the Henry Shepherd Trio, Curious George, Hugo, Capt’in Groovy, Terminal White, Highway Kings, The Doorman, and Willow Creek Church. His recordings with Terminal White were are the top of the charts in Europe.

Tom also does studio recording sessions throughout the Chicagoland area, including the Acoustic Cafe and Heart and Soul recording studio, with numerous artists and music styles.

Tom has performed at a number of local venues, including:

  • First Midwest Bank Amphitheater (Tweeter Center)
  • The Auditorium
  • Vic Theater
  • Shubas
  • Beat Kitchen
  • Fitzgerald’s
  • Old Town School of Music

Tom decided to become an instructor at The Arlington School of Music® because of the school’s reputation, the richness and quality of education on all instruments, and because of its history and longevity. Tom will be the host instructor for the school’s percussion clinics. Whether you’re just starting to learn percussion or you need advice for perfecting your style, Tom is sure to have the methods for you. Take advantage of learning from a true professional instructor today.

If you’re looking to learn a new skill in the new year, why not try out an instrument that comes with the added perk of stress relief? Instructor Tom Corrao has been teaching drums and percussion at The Arlington School of Music for five years, and swears by the instrument as an effective stress reliever. “After a long day, playing the drums lets you get out all that pent-up energy,” Corrao says.

Another perk is that Corrao’s teaching method helps students feel right at home. Corrao offers each student a musical experience customized to their individual interests and favorite styles, whether jazz, rock, rhythm, funk, blues, pop, or Latin. “If someone is interested in just The Beatles and Metallica, we’ll do that,” Corrao said. “The kids especially like to try out music they’re not exploring in school band.” Corrao also helps prepare school band students for school concerts by assisting them in learning charts, but teaches all ages. Students learn to read music right from the outset, as well as the rudiments of percussion, history, theory, posture, composition, technique, syncopation, and improvisation.

The age range of students is 5 years to 75 years for beginning, intermediate and advanced as well as students with physical and learning disabilities. The main thing is that the students have fun while learning a new instrument !

Corrao is a National Recording Artist, has been a full-time drummer / teacher for 14 years and plays in two bands – Terminal White, which is a chart-topping group in Europe, and Zydeco Voodoo, a New Orleans Mardi Gras-style group. His wide repertoire of styles makes for a great learning experience for students.

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