Many people may not realize this, but studies have shown that music education can actually improve a child’s memory, ability to communicate, chances for success in school, and can help increase a child’s self esteem. At the Arlington School of Music, A Division of the Arlington Institute of Music and the Performing Arts®, we feel that music can help shape a child’s life and unlock future potential, even beyond music. 

As one of the premier Institutes for Music Instruction, based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, we offer professional private Music Lessons for a variety of Instruments to people of all ages and skill levels. In order to reach a variety of students wishing to learn and master music, the Arlington School of Music teaches Guitar in Greek, Spanish, as well as, in English. We, also, offer Violin and Viola Lessons in Korean and English. 


Our Experienced Instructors

At Arlington School of Music, we specialize in teaching children of all ages, from four-year olds to adults. Our dedicated music teachers are highly trained professionals, inspiring each individual child to love playing and singing while having fun and developing the important skills needed for future success.
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All Instruments to Learn

We will help you establish a strong
base of technique, theory, and practical application to your chosen instrument. Our master teachers on our faculty offer instruction in piano, voice, guitar, violin, strings, drums and all percussion instruments, brass, woodwinds, bagpipes and more.
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Our New Voice Teacher

Voice lessons for your children by our fabulous Caitlyn Walsh

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